“I find O’Neill Bookkeeping Services very professional, dependable and, most importantly, ethical.”

“O’Neill Bookkeeping Services has allowed me to focus on growing my business while at the same time being assured that my books are being taken care of properly.”

— L. Fitzgerald (Flemington, NJ)

“Throughout my experience with Theresa, I found her always to be dependable, detail oriented and willing to take on any task which was assigned to her. She was a pleasure to work with on all occasions and demonstrated a depth of experience and professionalism in dealing with our accounting issues.”

— S. Offen (Bridgewater, NJ)

“During her tenure with us, I found Ms. O’Neill to be extremely competent, very thorough and conscientious, sincere and honest.”

“She had a very strong work ethic and was very helpful in answering questions and in keeping us current.”

“She worked closely with our accountants and always seemed to have the answers they required.”

— R. Schachter (Somerville, NJ)

“I found Theresa to be extremely competent, attentive to detail, and dependable.”

“She always struck me as knowledgeable with respect to all aspects of bookkeeping and was a pleasure to work with.”

— T. McKeown (Bridgewater, NJ)

“I can attest to the fact that you are a very professional individual and one of the most reliable people that I have worked with through the years.”

— H. Mayer (Bridgewater, NJ)